LinuxNews.com: SuSE Makes an Entrance at France’s Grand Opening

[ Thanks to mhead for this link. ]

Sensing a continuing open source trend in Europe, SuSE is
expanding its presence across the Alsace-Lorraine and into

“According to Patrik Flierl, SuSE’s head of operations in
France, the expansion of SuSE’s presence into another European
market was an obvious move. “Since our distribution is very popular
in France we recognized a growing demand for services around our
operating system,” he said. “These services need to be offered in

“Open source software has been continuously gaining popularity
in France. The introduction of legislation that would require
software used by the government to be open source has only
energized this trend. French developers have been working with open
source software in collaboration with SuSE for some time, Flierl
pointed out.”

“SuSE saw this movement as an opportunity to work in this
expanding market. “SuSE as a company is big in Germany and still
quite small in France,” Flierl explained. “This is not true for the
market presence, though. The SuSE distribution has an excellent
reputation and a large market share.”


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