LinuxNews.com: What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: A Linux Newbie Trips on the Open Source Welcome Mat

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Frebe Field first contacted LinuxNews.com in June, 2000,
with what he thought might be an off-the-wall subject–an
UN-success story. “Well, I don’t know how this might sound, but
ever since I started to try to get a Linux system up and running as
an alternative to the big DoZZZe in February of 1999, it’s been one
drag after another,” Field began.

“Some of Field’s initial roadblocks to Linux success proved
easier to surmount than others. “First, I couldn’t get a Linux
system to read DoZZZe files, and since I have tens of thousands of
them, I had to wait until I could get a system to read them,” he
continued. While the file reader Field needed materialized, his
problems persisted. “Unfortunately, the roadblocks to getting a
much desired, non-crashing system (for myself) have continued to
this day.”

“Field maintains that he started his Linux quest with a newbie’s
genuine enthusiasm. “You see, I tried to install Red Hat 6.0 a few
months ago after I went to a Linux fair, and then saw a Linux
user’s group at Comdex, but I was thwarted by its inability to
recognize my 27gig ATA (a.k.a. integrated drive electronics, or
IDE) 66 drive,” he complained. This particular hang-up would
continue to plague Field’s installation efforts for some time.”