LinuxPlanet: From the Desktop: F Stands For FVWM95 and fOX Project

“When I first began research for this article, there was some
question as to whether FVWM95 was even in active development. In
fact, when I communicated with the FVWM2 developers, they were
pretty sure the FVWM95 team no longer existed.”

“But Peraza maintains that FVWM95 is still alive and kicking,
though active development has been put aside in favor of Peraza’s
latest work on the fOX Project.”

“The fOX Project is an effort to create a new set of libraries
called the Xclass. The Xclass Toolkit will ideally give
applications a Windows 95 look but will also provide programmers
with a new design standard to use….”

“Is FVWM95 a different window manager, or should it be lumped
into the FVWM family altogether? Visually, you could make an
excellent argument for the latter, but when it comes down to it,
FVWM95 is another example of how open source will allow
programmers’ creativity to take code into an entirely new


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