LinuxPlanet: Linspire Announces Freespire Distribution

“Is the world ready for another community Linux distro?

“That’s the question being asked and answered today at the 4th
Annual Desktop Linux Summit. Once known as a community-supported
alternative to the Linspire distribution, the Freespire name is
about to rise again from the ashes of obscurity–only this time as
a distro completely sponsored and endorsed by Linspire itself.

“The new Freespire distro was announced Monday by Linspire
President and CEO Kevin Carmony during his keynote address to
Summit attendees. Freespire will be a Debian-based,
community-driven and -supported project tied to the commercial
Linspire distribution, Carmony outlined, in much the same way as
Fedora Core and openSUSE relate to their parent commercial distros,
Red Hat Linux and SUSE Linux, respectively.

“But there the similarity ends and Linspire is being quite vocal
in outlining the differences…”