LinuxPlanet Review: SuSE Linux eMail Server III

“I confess that we use Sendmail at my office, not one of the
commercial packages. We do some pretty cool things there so when I
look at commercial Linux mail servers, I’m always checking to see
if buying one would end up limiting my functionality compared to
what I’ve got now. SuSE’s Linux eMail Server III has an amazing
number of features integrated into its GUI, including all of the
DNS functions for handling virtual domains and hosts. If I were a
brand new mail administrator this program would save me hours and
hours of fussing with Sendmail and BIND and numerous other tools.
As a user, I’d definitely love this product, its Webmail actually
lets you create mail filters and autohandling scripts, along with
supporting some pretty cool calendar and scheduling options.

“SuSE Linux eMail Server III is built specifically for SuSE
Linux Enterprise Server 7, and the operating system comes packaged
with the mail server. You’ll have to dedicate an entire machine to
this one as you can’t just add it to even another existing SuSE
installation. However, if you’re investing in a commercial mail
solution, then this factor will probably not cramp your


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