LinuxPR: Announcing LinuxInteractive.com!

Welcome to LinuxInteractive.com!

“LinuxInteractive.com is here! Well, mostly. You see, we would
like help. The first way someone can help is by creating a header
graphic for the main page. In fact, we’ll make a little contest out
of it. Here’s what to do. Create the image, and upload it to your
server, or free web space somewhere. Then, contact me @
[email protected] . The ones I like will then be
put on a page. I’ll then have people come and vote on which they
like the best. That will be the one that gets used. The prize for
this contest, well, you’re name will be listed on the bottom of the
page, saying “Our logo was designed by –name–.”

“Here’s another easy way to help. You can go to
linuxinteractive.com, and go to the search link. All you have to do
to help is click on a category your site goes in, and then go down
to the “add url” link. Follow the instructions and I’ll work on
getting your site listed, that way when the site does open, we’ll
have a full search engine, and you may receive some extra traffic.
The largest area we need sites in is our Linux User Groups section.
We have a section per state, so people will be able to find a LUG
in their area without too much trouble.”