LinuxPR: Bynari Targeting Aspiring ASPs with Messaging and Collaboration Solution

“Bynari Inc. announced the beginning of a marketing campaign
aimed at aspiring Application Solution Providers. The Company’s
TradeServer provides organizations using Microsoft Outlook a low
cost alternative to Microsoft Exchange and HP OpenMail. Bynari
believes this will attract small to medium sized ISPs to the ASP

“With the low cost of co-location services at many ISPs,” says
Bynari’s TradeSuite Product Manager, “the door opens wide for
individuals wanting a new business offering. TradeServer offers
Outlook users messaging and collaboration services found on
Microsoft Exchange without the cost of a Client Access License

“TradeServer sells for less than $600 and provides for unlimited
users. The messaging and collaboration suite consists of a bundle
of open source products such as OpenLDAP and exim. Bynari’s value
add is the ease of installation and management through their TS
Admin console. TradeServer also provides fast installation and
configuration scripting and a GUI installation interface.”