LinuxPR: Candela Technologies introduces the LANforge product line.

“Candela Technologies’ LANforge is an ethernet traffic
generation and testing suite. It utilizes a slightly modified
RedHat Linux 6.2 installation with custom software to provide a
realistic and cost-effective testing platform targetted at DSL and
Cable-Modem providers.

“Candela Technologies (http://www.candelatech.com) today
announced the public introduction of its bulk Ethernet test and
traffic generation equipment targeted at testing Ethernet
networking devices with large port counts. The LANforge E500
provides a unified management, traffic generation and reporting
application which allows testing and verification labs to quickly
and easily simulate real world customer traffic. The LANforge E500
provides an easily scripted command line interface as well as an
advanced graphical user interface to set up test and traffic
simulations using standards compliant Linux networking protocols
including Layer 2 (Raw Ethernet), UDP/IP, and TCP/IP.”


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