LinuxPR: Computer Associates to Ship Enterprise-Ready Edition of Ingres II for Linux

“Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) today announced it
will begin shipping Ingres II with support for Linux platforms in
the fourth quarter of this year. The release follows CA’s extremely
successful Open Beta program, through which thousands of copies of
Ingres II Linux Edition provided the Linux community with the
benefits of a high-performance, state-of-the-art relational
database management system (RDBMS).”

“Ingres II Linux Edition helps lower the costs of developing,
deploying and managing mission-critical applications and associated
networking and database management tools. Geared toward markets
that have adopted Linux–such as higher education and
“bootstrapping” e-commerce ventures–Ingres II now provides Linux
users with the same tools that have been economically implemented
in a wide range of computing environments…”

“Ingres II Linux Edition offers users a full copy of the Ingres
II database engine, along with core database functions. These
include variable page size, row-level locking, support for binary
large objects (BLOBs), interfaces for C, compatibility with IngPerl
(database access from the Perl scripting language), and Internet
publishing capabilities that allow for development using the Apache