LinuxPR: Coriolis Publishes Red Hat Linux Exam Cram

Innovative Publisher Brings to Market an Exam Cram for RHCE
Linux Certification.

“The Coriolis Group, LLC, an innovative publisher of technical
books and training products, today announced publication of the
RHCE Linux Exam Cram authored by Kara J. Pritchard. This book is
designed to help anyone studying for the Red Hat Certified Engineer
(Linux) exam, RHCE 300, pass the test.”

“Following the same format as all Exam Cram books from The
Coriolis Group, each chapter begins with terms, tools, and
techniques necessary to know before proceeding with the topics
covered in that chapter. The book also provides special “exam
alerts” which help anyone to become a better test taker. Practice
test questions and explanations of both correct and incorrect
answers are provided. The reader is also taught to identify trick
questions they may encounter on the exam. As with all Exam Cram
books, there is a handy, tear-out reference card which provides a
quick way to review just before taking the exam.”