LinuxPR: Easysoft announces ODBC 3.5 driver Open Source initiative

“Easysoft, the Data Access Middleware vendor, has announced that
it is to Open Source a range of ODBC 3.5 drivers to provide access
to leading relational databases.”

“The home site of the Project is www.easysoft.org. A CVS tree
containing code is in its infancy but already allows connection to
Oracle via isql from unixODBC (www.unixodbc.org). The project plan
anticipates a full ODBC 3.5 Oracle driver to be available later
this year.”

“The Project intends to release under the Easysoft Public
Licence (www.easysoft.org/EPL.html)
which is based on the Mozilla/Netscape license model
modifications to allow Easysoft to contribute existing code to the
project but allow that code to continue to be used in commercial


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