LinuxPR: ICE Linux-SNA “Torch the Competition” Initial Release Competitive Upgrade

“ICE Networking Solutions, LLC today announced the first
availability of their mainframe connectivity server software suite
for Linux. As part of the Linux-SNA kick-off, ICE is providing a
50% discount and one year free upgrades/support to the first 500
customers who send ICE the packaging materials and/or manuals from
any version of Microsoft’s, IBM’s or Novell’s SNA server software.
ICE will be holding a live online broadcast of the Linux-SNA launch
party where the competitor’s packaging and manuals will be piled
high and torched.”

“Until now Linux has been closed to the enterprise and corporate
host networking environments, with the release of ICE Linux-SNA the
portal to the enterprise market is now open for Linux,” said Jay
Schulist, President of ICE Networking Solutions. “ICE Linux-SNA is
a very powerful enterprise server suite, which allows network
managers to harness every benefit of Linux plus the added benefits
of Linux-SNA.”

ICE Linux-SNA is the only native enterprise SNA networking
suite designed for Linux from initial conception.
migrate your existing Microsoft SNA Server or IBM Communications
Server setup to Linux while increasing productivity and lowering
total cost of ownership. ICE Linux-SNA bolsters all the
functionality of the other SNA servers, while eliminating the need
for end-user licenses and non-open server to host solutions.
Maximize productivity with ICE Linux-SNA graphical management tools
and applications. Full heterogeneous networking support allowing
for simple and precise TCP/IP Intranet migration…”