LinuxPR: Icecast 1.3 Released

“The Icecast development team has today released Icecast 1.3,
the next-generation audio streaming server. The team is pleased to
present this release to the Open Source community under the GPL
license, as it has done in the past. The new release is fully
platform independent and will run immediately on Linux, Solaris,
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and FreeBSD. It is expected to
appear on even more platforms shortly after release.”

“Icecast version 1.3 introduces many new features to the audio
streaming community. One of the most asked-for features is the
ability to support multiple streams from a single server. This
feature is unique among MP3 streaming servers. Icecast 1.3 also
includes unprecedented administration tools for complete control of
the Icecast environment. Without restarting the server, an
administrator can change data, set up access privileges, control
routing of mount points, create aliases, proxies, and relays, save
outgoing shows for archival purposes, and easily track listener

“Icecast 1.3 also introduces meta-data streaming, an emerging
standard developed in cooperation with the makers of the Sonique,
K-Jofol, FreeAmp, MacAmp and XMMS MP3 players. Meta-data streaming
is a new, robust method for displaying information about a stream
without corrupting or interfering with the actual music data.
Current track information, links to web pages, and e-commerce
information can be sent directly to the players from the server.
This extensible data channel will soon be supported by most MP3