LinuxPR: Indrema Will Bring Linux To TV

“The Linux movement has taken a leap forward today with the
announcement of Indrema, a new consumer electronics company
specializing in open source digital products for home
Using the Linux operating system, enhanced by a
set of open source multimedia standards such as the Direct
Rendering Infrastructure, the new OpenStream video architecture,
and Mesa 3D compatible graphics components, Indrema plans to turn
the consumer electronics industry on its head. By leveraging an
open source operating system and graphics API set, the company
intends to open up third party development opportunities in the
consumer video and gaming markets for home entertainment.”

“Indrema is currently working on the production of their first
entertainment console based on Linux, DRI, Mesa 3D and OpenStream,
an open source DRI-enabled video architecture for Linux developed
by Indrema, Precision Insight and other members of the open source