LinuxPR: IndyBox Systems Announces the Support and Installation of Debian GNU/Linux

“Today, IndyBox Systems (based in Indianapolis, Indiana), the
world’s leading manufacturer of Linux systems, announced they would
be introducing the option of Debian GNU/Linux in all of their

“IndyBox Systems Chief Executive Charles Martin said ‘our
customers have been demanding Debian as an option to the extent
where nearly 40% of all systems being shipped were Debian GNU/Linux
even though we have not been offering the popular GNU/Linux
distribution as an option in our system configuration officially.
We have received an enormous response from our customers thanking
us for offering something other than Red Hat Linux in our systems.
While Debian has been our single most popular distribution, the
demand for Slackware, S.u.S.E., Caldera Open Linux, Mandrake and
Red Hat have been brisk as well. We do have plans for offering the
extremely popular Turbo Linux distribution too shortly.'”