LinuxPR: IndyBox to offer Red Hat 6.1

“IndyBox Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of Linux
computers, announced the availability of Red Hat Linux 6.1 as an
option in all of their systems.”

“IndyBox Systems Executive Charles Martin said “IndyBox is
shipping Red Hat Linux version 6.1 with all IndyBox Linux
We are very excited about continuing our relationship
with Red Hat. Red Hat continuously produces a user-friendly version
of Linux that has remained very popular. While other distributions
continue to grow in popularity too, Red Hat is forming partnerships
that will allow Linux to continue its dominance within the
enterprise market with its efforts to optimize SMP performance. We
feel AMD’s Athlon processor is uniquely suited to provide
highly-scalable SMP solutions based upon Alpha’s EV6 bus protocol
— possibly at the maximum bus speed of 400MHz.”