LinuxPR: iPool selects AMS REALTIME for enterprise project management solution

“Linux-based system to help manage rapid growth of Internet

“Advanced Management Solutions announced today that iPool has
selected the AMS REALTIME suite of enterprise project and resource
management software to help manage its development programs.”

“iPool is a consumer e-commerce company which provides a
`pooling’ service to its customers. This allows individual
consumers to gain the benefits of being part of a large group by
uniting via the Internet to get the prices they want for various
household and financial services. iPool also offers objective and
time-saving research, while protecting consumer privacy.”

The AMS REALTIME suite of software will provide project
management, resource management and timesheets across iPool’s
development group and will also be used to manage business
development projects. AMS REALTIME will run on Red Hat Linux
Version 6.0.”