LinuxPR: Kangaroot Opens One-stop Linux Shopping Website for Europe

“The Belgium – based linux company KANGAROOT has opened a
one-stop shopping point for all European linux -afficionados.Up to
now, a lot of European users had to look for their products in the
USA, with possible import and transport costs added to the bill.
From now on they’ll be able to order most Linux distributions and
applications from a company within the European Union.

“Besides the software, KANGAROOT will be offering books as well,
in an association with Fatbrain, and gadgets for the real linux
fans. “We really want to become a reference-point for the European
Linux Community. If they want it we’ll have it” says Roel
Gydé, “and the e-shop is just a first step. A complete
on-line help community will be launched soon.”

As Linux becomes more and more a mainstream OS, KANGAROOT
is offering its expertise to both home-users and businesses.

“It doesn’t end with us selling you the software,” says Pepijn
Palmans, “if needed we’ll give you full support or even do the
complete installation or migration for you.”