LinuxPR: Linux-Mandrake Corporate Server 1.0 immediately available for download.

“Beginning today, the Linux-Mandrake Corporate Server 1.0 for
Intel, SPARC, and UltraSPARC / Sun processors will be available via
different Internet servers.”

“…Based on Linux-Mandrake 7.1, the Corporate Server 1.0
version, delivered with the source code, possesses the same
qualities that have made previous MandrakeSoft versions so
successful: power, stability, ease of installation and ease of use.
In addition, it brings new capabilities for configuring a

“…This professional version is designed to manage the
extensive functions of enterprise-level computing systems including
the correct placement of the operating system, the proper
installation and configuration of a Web server, a message server
and a print file server as well as an ensemble of other services
and tools for network administration.”