LinuxPR: linuxpower.org Logo Contest

“Well, it’s contest time at linuxpower. We’re in the market for
a good logo which can be used across the site as well as being
adaptable to as many situations as possible.”

“The current color scheme is blue, white and some yellow. We’re
not completely attached to that, but bonus points go to those that
keep at least the blue and white. The logo can either be as a
vertical banner as it is now, a horizontal banner, or something
else. It should also contain ‘linuxpower’ somewhere in the logo.
Anything you submit becomes the property of linuxpower and we
reserve the right to use it however we wish. But, we will give due
credit to the creator of the winning logo, in the alt tag on the
main pages, as well as on the about page.”

“But What Does the Winner Get? Well, you get your name on
linuxpower. Seriously, I’ll see what I can scrounge up to send you.
I’m sure I can find _something_ :)”