LinuxPR: Lutris Technologies Teams With Turbolinux To Offer Open Source E-Business Platform

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Open Source Pioneers Team up to Advance Scalability of Open
Source Solutions”

“Lutris Technologies Inc., and TurboLinux Inc., today announced
a joint effort to certify and distribute the Enhydra Java/XML
application server for the TurboLinux operating system. The
partnership creates a scalable Open Source foundation for
enterprise e-business application development and deployment.”

” ‘TurboLinux is building its products to support e-business
infrastructure,’ said Craig Oda, vice president of strategic
alliances at TurboLinux. ‘Our customers are asking for Internet
application development environments in Linux. Enhydra offers an
excellent solution.’ “

“TurboLinux is the fastest growing Open Source operating system.
Enhydra is the leading Open Source Java/XML application server.
Combined, these technologies enable users to rapidly build and
deploy scalable e-business applications. The two Open Source
technologies together provide a solid platform for future
development, and the partnership ensures that developers will have
world-class training, certification and support for Enhydra on
TurboLinux. TurboLinux, a leader in Linux clustering, software and
services for Linux in the Pacific Rim, also represents a new
opportunity for Enhydra distribution in foreign markets.”