LinuxPR: MandrakeSoft’s New Release Fulfills Promise of Complete, Fully-Graphical Linux OS

“Through its exclusive relationship with MandrakeSoft, Macmillan
USA announces the retail release of Linux-Mandrake 7.2 with three
new products: Linux-Mandrake Complete 7.2, Linux-Mandrake PowerPack
Deluxe 7.2 and Linux-Mandrake 7.2 Professional Suite.”

“Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned Linux professional, one
of these products is right for you. With value-added features and
support, coupled with unparalleled ease of installation and
configuration, Linux enthusiasts will marvel at the latest
enhancements included in Linux-Mandrake 7.2.
Productivity-enhancing, automated administration tools, enhanced
printer support, and an entire suite of graphical interfaces,
combined with new utilities, office applications, games and updated
security applications, create a complete and powerful graphical
operating system.”

Linux-Mandrake 7.2 makes all of its system administration
tools easily available through the DrakConf application, which now
includes more user-friendly utilities for creating custom
And, in a first for a Linux distribution, the Common
Unix Printing System (CUPS) is made available for more efficient
single or networked printer administration. Users can also
customize their desktops, choosing from several graphical
interfaces. For office productivity, the new release includes both
StarOffice and Koffice integrated office suites, as well as an
updated Linux Library, and a multimedia tutorial to guide you
through common topics.”


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