LinuxPR: New Comanche 2.0 beta release includes improved support for Linux

Like all open-source projects, the success of Comanche
depends upon the support of its users.

“Covalent Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Apache Web
server e-commerce solutions, announced today that the 2.0 beta
version of the Comanche GUI for the open-source Apache Web server
is now available. Covalent also announced that it is now sponsoring
Comanche, an open-source software that is freely available under
the Apache license.”

“Covalent Technologies is proud to sponsor the continued
development of Comanche,” said Randy Terbush, Chairman and CTO of
Covalent Technologies. “We feel it is important to give back to the
open-source community by supporting projects that will make
open-source software like the Apache Web server even better.”