LinuxPR: New PGP keyserver to download

“Highware releases OpenKeyServer 1.1, its fast public keys
server for storing PGP public keys.”

“Highware, Inc. announces the release of OpenKeyServer 1.1, its
high performance server for massive storage of OpenPGP public keys.
As individuals and companies increasingly leverage the Internet as
a primary way to do business and to communicate with partners and
customers, OpenKeyServer (OKS) provides the central repository
required for exchanging public keys needed to communicate securely
on the Internet.

“Based on a lightning fast database for rapidly retrieving and
storing public keys, OKS offers a high performance system for
serving the increasing demand to secure e-mails and files. To
guarantee a continuous and secure service, the OpenKeyServer
includes a recovery system completely restoring the database in
case of system failure. OpenKeyServer is provided with customizable
modules placing OKS as a backend of choice to offer any
Intranet/Extranet PGP public key repository service.