LinuxPR: Penguin Computing to Offer Sales and Technical Support in 16 Languages

“Penguin Computing, the world’s leading manufacturer of reliable
Linux systems, announced today that it will begin offering sales
and technical support in Spanish, French, Japanese, Vietnamese,
Turkish, Italian, Hebrew, Chiuchow, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese,
Thai, Cambodian, German and Russian as well as English.”

“‘Linux is well on its way to becoming the operating system of
choice in many nations around the world. We plan on doing
everything we can to make sure that Linux users, no matter where
they are, are able to get the most reliable hardware and technical
support,’ says Sam Ockman, President and founder of Penguin
Computing. Penguin Computing is the fast-growing San Francisco
Linux solutions startup that has made headlines recently for being
the first company to exclusively sell computers running only the
ultra-reliable Linux operating system. The company was also the
first to introduce a 2U Rackmount with Four Hot Swappable Hard
Drives and a 1U Intel based server for Linux.”

“Ockman, a recognized leader in the Open Source community,
predicts that since Linux is available for free over the Internet,
its usage will grow even more rapidly in developing nations than it
has in the U.S. ‘Few people living in developing countries have
been forced for years to use Microsoft machines, therefore many of
our international customers have not developed Microsoft-centric
computer habits. They are buying and will continue to buy based on
functionality, not familiarity. That means that they’ll need
companies like Penguin who truly understand Linux and the entire
Open Source philosophy.'”