LinuxPR: Qarbon.com and SuSE Inc. Debut The Linux Viewlet Project

“Today, Qarbon.com, the originator of ‘Viewlets,’ and SuSE Inc.,
a leading international Linux company, launched Qarbon.com’s
‘The Linux Viewlet Project’ (www.teach2earn.com/linux/).
The project is designed to provide millions of Linux developers
and users with a database of free Viewlets addressing the widest
possible range of Linux questions.
SuSE (www.suse.com) is the
first Linux distribution to support Viewlets.”

“Viewlets are a Web innovation that changes help files and FAQs
into vivid and dramatic ‘How To’ demonstrations that ‘show’ rather
than ‘tell’ a user how to perform a specific computing task.
Demonstrative Viewlet windows will answer thousands of end-user
questions that are difficult and costly for commercial distributors
to answer.”

“Qarbon.com CEO and founder of The Linux Viewlet Project, John
Marshall, said, ‘Many people are new to Linux, as I was a year ago.
The bulk of Linux documentation on-line is of excellent quality.
Unfortunately, it rarely covers the new graphical tools that SuSE
and other distributions ship. Viewlets are the perfect way to
explain these graphical applications — why not use a visual tool
to describe a visual tool? Viewlets can finally *show* the curious
that Linux is not only powerful and stable, but also easy to
configure and maintain — with visual tutorials provided right
through their browser window. We are creating the Linux Viewlet
Project as a way to ensure that the entire Linux community has
access to this kind of visual tutorial.’ “