LinuxPR: Rebel.com announces the release of NetWinder OfficeServer 1.5

“Security enhancements, performance improvements key to
latest release.”

“Rebel.com Inc., a leading supplier of Linux and UNIX business
solutions, today announced the availability of an upgrade to its
OfficeServer software – NetWinder OfficeServer 1.5.”

“NetWinder OfficeServer 1.5 is an all-in-one Internet gateway
server appliance which provides small and medium-sized businesses
with full Internet and local area network support. Based on the
Linux® operating system, NetWinder OfficeServer 1.5 is
configured with a broad range of network services such as
firewall/VPN, Web site hosting, Web access, file and printer
sharing and e-mail.”

“‘NetWinder OfficeServer 1.5. is the first major update to our
OfficeServer software,’ said Michael Mansfield, president of
Rebel.com. ‘In addition to the new features and enhancements to the
product, the general performance of the OfficeServer software has
been improved. Specifically, independent testing has shown that in
some areas, there has been close to a 25% improvement in