LinuxPR: Red Hat Linux OS Included in Intel’s Global ISP Program

“Red Hat…announced that Intel Corporation will bundle the Red
Hat Linux operating system with Intel’s server platforms the
company markets through its recently created Internet Service
Provider program.”

The inclusion of Red Hat Linux with Intel’s ISP program
offers customers the power of open source software in the demanding
Internet server environments in which it performs best.
addition, users of Red Hat Linux on Intel’s Internet server
platforms can rely on the comprehensive services and support of
both organizations.”

“The unique demands of ISPs and other enterprise server
environments are well addressed by the stability and power of open
source and the Red Hat Linux operating system,” said Tim Buckley,
senior vice president and COO of Red Hat. “Intel’s rapidly growing
ISP program and server building blocks, coupled with Red Hat’s open
source and open source services expertise makes this a promising
collaboration for both companies.”