LinuxPR: Server-less Version Control System coming to the Linux platform

Reliable Software announces Code Coop for the Linux

“Seattle-based Reliable Software announces a joint collaboration
with Swedish-based Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB to port Code
Co-op to the Linux platform. Reliable Software’s Code Co-op is a
full-featured version control system (VCS) enabling developers to
collaborate using peer-to-peer networking without the need for a
central server. However, unlike other systems, it also allows
synchronization over e-mail or through the exchange of diskettes.
These unique features make Code Co-op the only server-less system
for distributed collaboration.”

“This release will provide developers with the first fully
distributed server-less VCS for the Linux platform. The Linux
version of Code Co-op will have all the functionality currently
available in the Windows version, including Graphical User
Interface for check-in, check-out, merge, visual diff and restore.
It will also be fully interoperable with the Windows version. The
beta will be released in the spring of 2000 with the final release
due out by summer of 2000.”