LinuxPR: SuSE Linux 6.2 Release Debuts August 9

“Over 1300 applications and utilities on six CD-ROMs — even
more software at the same price as the previous version…”

“The 1300 applications in the distribution include updates of
applications previously released on SuSE Linux, such as StarOffice
5.1, KDE 1.1.1, Apache 1.3.6, GIMP 1.1.4 and sendmail 8.9.3. There
are also many “firsts” such as VMware and RealPlayer 5.0.

“According to SuSE Inc. President, Marc Torres, “This
distribution includes many features that will be of interest to IT
professionals. System administrators benefit from the
state-of-the-art drivers in 6.2, such as for SCSI controllers by
Adaptec and Tekram as well as for Megaraid controllers from AMI.
Administrators of heterogeneous networks will appreciate the
support for NIS, NIS+ (with Secure RPC) and smb, as these
facilitate user administration on the network.”

“This distribution reinforces SuSE’s position as the Linux
company offering the widest range of applications for business and
personal use in its distribution,” adds Torres.