LinuxPR: Tcl finds a home: ActiveState supports open source programming language

“ActiveState, the leader in open source programming languages,
announced today the addition of Tcl to the languages they support.
In addition to providing supported versions of Tcl, core Tcl
consulting and Tcl development tools, ActiveState will also soon be
hosting the primary Tcl community website.”

“Tcl (Tool Command Language, pronounced “tickle”) is a high
level programming language that is cross-platform, open source,
easy to use, embeddable and extensible. As a scripting language it
excels at automating routine chores and extending applications. Tcl
is also well suited for creating simple, yet powerful, graphical
user interfaces (GUIs) with the Tk toolkit.”

“Tcl has approximately 500,000 users. Tcl’s flexibility, ease of
use, and power has made it popular amongst numerous blue chip
companies such as: AOL, Cisco, Newbridge Networks, and


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