LinuxPR: The Linux Cabal Offers Colocation and Web Hosting Services

“The Linux Cabal…announced today that it is offering
affordable web hosting and colocation services to offset the costs
of its ongoing efforts.”

The Linux Cabal colocation facility is located in San
Francisco and has sponsored meeting space for organizations such as
the CABAL, the Consortium of All Bay Area Linux, and Bay Area
Debian (BAD), a Debian users’ group.
The San Francisco chapter
of LinuxChix, a group of women interested in GNU/Linux and the Open
Source and Free Software movements, also recently held its first
organizational meeting at the Linux Cabal.”

“We’re thrilled to see so many community organizations hold
meetings here,” said Richard Couture, a co-founder of the Linux
Cabal. “We’d like to encourage more people to use our colocation
facility as well, so we can continue to expand our sponsorship of
‘open code’ community events.”