LinuxPR: Underperforming Internet Store Fronts Get Profitable Results from eDiv

“… eDivision works with small privately held companies that do
not have an internet team on staff but do have a need to sell
products online. eDivision engineers solutions that make
time-sensitive customer response easy and also creates smooth,
meaningful interaction between web sites and office databases.”

“eDivision.net LLC integrates virtual stores with on-site office
computer systems across the fire wall, using cutting edge
automation technology. The company has also innovated a number of
its own products such as autoSTUFFER(TM) for the retrieval and
integration of customer-submitted data. eDivision offers a
comprehensive internet business start-up kit and full range of
eCommerce solutions including secure electronic store front. The
Pop & Server(TM) from eDivision, based on the Red Hat®
distribution of Linux, was created to harness the power of open
source software.
It includes all hardware necessary to go to
work immediately as a server in a TCP/IP or Apple Talk®