LinuxQuestions.org: Interview with Red Hat Vice President, Open Source Affairs–Michael Tiemann

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“LQ) Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, where
did you go to school and the other basics.

“MT) When most people ask this question, they mean ‘where did
you get your degree?’ I got my BS CSE from the Moore School at the
University of Pennsylvania. That’s the final resting place for
several chunks of the first all-digital computer, the ENIAC. But I
started learning about computers at home, about 1974, when my
father bought and assembled an IMSAI 8080, then later a Cromemco
Z2-D with three or four 64KB banks of RAM and a 10MB winchester
hard disk. As I recall, the Z2-D computer cost as much as our
station wagon. And that’s when I started to learn BASIC, PL/I,
Pascal, C, FORTH, LISP, and many other programming languages. It
was a passion of mine since I was 12 to write a compiler, and after
writing a few toy compilers in CS class, I got my chance in 1987 to
transform the GNU C Compiler into the GNU C++ compiler, and later,
to merge it as part of the GNU Compiler Collection…”