LinuxWorld: A graphical mystery tour

“My copy of SuSE 6.3 had arrived, just as the PR people had
promised. Like Red Hat 6.1, this version of SuSE boasts a new
graphical installer. I couldn’t wait to see how the two competing
GUIs compared.”

“This is the first time I’ve found a graphical installer that I
think is better than its command-line interface. In this case, it
does improve and simplify the installation process. The screens are
well designed and they gave me much more confidence that some
serious thought had gone into the installer than did the Red Hat
6.1 GUI.

“SuSE 6.3 has the best GUI installation I’ve experienced
Granted, I haven’t tried them all, but it is head and
shoulders above Red Hat 6.1’s, and better than the last TurboLinux
installation I tried…” … this version represents real
progress… In fact, I’ve decided to use SuSE 6.3 on my new server
instead of Red Hat.”

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