LinuxWorld: A REBOL incursion

Don’t be fooled by people who say that Carl Sassenrath’s
new project is “just a scripting language.” In reality, the chief
architect of the AmigaOS is after nothing less than your cell
phone, your Java-enabled toaster, and your Linux box in his quest
to make your operating system irrelevant in the new world of
instant messaging.

“In 1996, as the Amiga’s era was coming to an end, Carl
Sassenrath wrote, “After creating the Amiga multitasking kernel, I
didn’t stop thinking about operating systems; I just figured that
someone else was going to move us forward to the next best thing.
It has not happened.” Sassenrath still feels that way.”

“A statement like that is not going to go over well with your
readership at LinuxWorld,” he said. “But Linux is primarily a Unix
system, and Unix systems are complex. They make great servers, but
they do not make very good clients for average people who want to
use computing power.”