LinuxWorld: Ask the Geek: Fight spam with procmail

“Unwanted email is the downside to our networked lives. Joshua
Drake shows how to use procmail to filter the wheat from the

“I use sendmail and a POP mail server on a Linux box. I am
desperately looking for a way to filter incoming messages processed
by sendmail based on their subject names and enclosure names. I
would like to do this to filter spam and potentially dangerous

“I’m not sure if you are talking about the MTA (Mail Transfer
Agent, aka sendmail) or the MUA (Mail User Agent, aka Netscape
Mail). However, there are solutions for both. Most graphical
clients have built-in filtering that you can use.”

“On the server side, you can use a program called procmail.
Procmail is installed by default on most Linux systems, and can be
used system-wide or user by user. Procmail is a powerful program
that uses recipes to define filtering mechanisms that result in
certain actions.”

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