LinuxWorld Australia: Payback Time for Novell

“SCO group is going down. Microsoft, Sun, and the greedy
investors that abetted SCO in its campaign to loot Unix and Linux
vendors and their customers have abandoned ship. Microsoft’s public
endorsement of SCO’s legal action against, effectively, Microsoft’s
enterprise competitors and their customers, gave SCO the leverage
to mug said vendors’ customers for license fees when vendors
refused to drop their wallets in court. Sun and Microsoft animated
SCO as the prototypical litigious IP boogeyman in order to
terrorize competitors’ customers into switching to Windows or
Solaris to avoid being hauled to court. That’s how I laid it out in
2003, and I stand by it now.

“Today, I’m overjoyed that with Microsoft, Sun, and greedy
investors bailing out of bailing duty, SCO’s ship is sinking fast
from the holes it punched in its own hull. IBM’s role as anchor is
finally proving effective, but the torpedo boat is captained by
Novell’s frighteningly accomplished legal team, ably assisted by
the SCO litigation squad, F Troop…”


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