LinuxWorld.com.au: Book review: Upgrading and repairing PCs, Linux edition

“Based on the 11th edition of the standard “Upgrading and
Repairing PCs”, the book is aimed at filling a gap for a Linux
hardware reference. Unfortunately, it only goes a small way to
providing a resource of the different types of Linux-friendly

“Most of the book is a valuable encyclopedia of the components
which make up a personal computer. The first five chapters offer an
in-depth explanation of essential PC components including the CPU,
motherboard and BIOS. This leads to memory, IDE and SCSI. The major
problem I found with these chapters was the lack of assurance that
Linux will be compatible with all the different types of PCI

“A good example of this is the author’s recommendations for SCSI
host adapters. “For SCSI host adapters, I normally recommend
Adaptec. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and OS/2 have built-in
support for Adaptec SCSI host adapters.” From this you can be
forgiven for thinking that the book does not relate to Linux at
all, as nothing was even mentioned about which adapters are


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