LinuxWorld.com.au: Newcastle’s Installfest: LOGIN to Linux

“Installing Linux around Australia, Installfest 2000 arrived in
Newcastle, New South Wales on Sunday August 20. The event was
organised in principle by the Linux Owners Group In Newcastle, or
LOGIN (http://login.linux.org.au).”

The event was significant in that it marked the first
occasion on which an Installfest 2000 gathering took place in a
regional area of Australia. The other Installfest sites were
Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane (held on the same weekend as
Newcastle), which are all capital cities.
“There were between
40 and 50 people there on the day,” said Tim Walker, Technical
Officer for Cybersite Consulting and LOGIN Webmaster. “This was
pretty good, seeing as we only had 15 registers on the Web site and
we only have a feeder population of about 500,000.”

“The Newcastle Installfest was held on the same weekend as a
mini-expo titled “Linux in Hunter Business”. The latter event was
organised by Cybersite Consulting (www.cybersite.com.au), a Linux
and Open Source Software-based consulting company that provides
support for Linux-based Newcastle businesses and ISPs. Other
participants included Training4Linux (www.training4linux.com),
Linuxcare and the Linux Professional Institute. “The business expo
was run to generate more awareness of Linux in the general business
community,” said Walker. “Any interested businesses were invited to
attend the Installfest, which was kept separate from the business
side of things.”