LinuxWorld: InterVideo and SGI bring new functionality to Linux

There’s no such thing as a slow news day in the world of
Linux anymore. Blink, and you might miss something cool, useful, or
In late March, while Judge Jackson was putting
the finishing touches on the verdict that was to bring jubilation
to many throughout the land, a couple of news items surfaced that
carry the promise of enhanced Linux functionality in two entirely
separate spheres of use.”

“InterVideo — maker of popular software DVD player/decoders for
Windows — announced on March 31 that it is developing LinDVD, a
player/decoder for Linux. For $29, Intel-based Linux users with a
DVD drive will be able to play back DVD movies, interactive DVD
titles, MPEG video contents, and video CDs — without a pricey
hardware decoder card (only a few of which actually support Linux
now). The multitudes who have been dual-booting Windows with Linux
purely for the sake of watching movies will be able to boot that
shady alter ego right out the door….”

“XFS is a 64-bit filesystem (also usable on 32-bit systems) and
therefore supports huge files (up to 9 million terabytes),
filesystems (up to 19 million terabytes), and numbers of files (“a
million per directory”). This makes Linux scalable to degrees
barely conceivable in the past.”

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