LinuxWorld: Is Windows or Linux Easier to Install?

[ Thanks to Joe Barr
for this link. ]

“I’ve been preparing my Sony Vaio for an extended tour of duty
at my girlfriend’s new home. To make it as familiar and easy to use
as possible for her, I decided to make it a dual-boot system. That
way she can run Windows if she wants, and Linux awaits when I
inflict her with my presence. It turned out to be a great
opportunity to compare the installations of a popular Windows
release with the latest from Red Hat. I kept copious notes as

“My goal was to install each OS, get Internet connectivity via a
Netgear PCMCIA NIC working, make each OS recognize a USB IBM PC
Camera, and apply the latest security and bug fixes to the OS and
default applications. Since Microsoft has been in the operating
system business for exactly 21 years (DOS 1 debuted August 12,
1981), and employs 50,000 souls, I expected Windows 2000’s
installation would be seamless, fast, and lightyears ahead of
upstart Red Hat’s by any measure I could concoct. It turns out the
Windows 2000 Pro installation is superior to Linux, but in
two dubious categories…”


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