LinuxWorld: PC in pieces: A future for Caldera? [An Interview with Ransom Love]

“Caldera President/CEO Ransom Love has been pushing Linux almost
as far back as I can remember. That’s one of the things that
impresses me about Ransom: he recognizes important technology
trends early on, Linux-related or not, and knows how to advance and
promote them.”

“For example, Ransom was preaching network computing when it
was unpopular to do so, and well before Microsoft was forced to get
on the bandwagon. And now that Linux is poised to play such an
important role in various forms of network appliances, that
foresight is paying off.

“We caught up with Ransom recently and asked him a few questions
about future directions for Caldera. Although it looks like we’ll
have to wait a bit for full disclosure (Caldera intends to use this
fall’s Comdex as a launching point to establish its image), we
managed to get an idea of where Caldera stands on some of the most
important issues regarding the future of Caldera OpenLinux and
Linux in general.”