LinuxWorld: Sendmail comes of age

“Over the past several years, sendmail matured at an astounding
rate. … However, despite its long history of consistent open
source support, one thing continued to haunt it: its difficult
… In 1997, Allman formed a commercial company
called Sendmail intended to offer commercial upgrades, service, and
support to ISPs and corporations. Three years later, Sendmail has
proven to be a huge success. It has a full product line, including
the Sendmail Multi Switch.”

“The configuration of Sendmail Multi Switch is very
When you log into the Web-based management interface,
it asks you a couple of questions in wizard-like fashion and
creates an m4 configuration. The wizard asks whether you want to
support Virtual Domains, LDAP-based routing, or TLS. It then asks
for a name to save the m4 configuration under.”

“After you save the m4 configuration, you have the option to
deploy it. If you choose to do so, you are prompted to select a
configuration to deploy. After selecting the correct configuration
(usually the one you just created) and hitting OK, you are
presented with the Set Deployment Options screen. This screen
allows you to name the configuration file you wish to write to,
decide whether to restart the sendmail daemon, set the daemon
arguments (Do you want the queue to run every 5 minutes or every
2?), and decide whether to rebuild all the maps (aliases,
user_tables, etc.).”

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