LinuxWorld: The name is the game: Using DNS and WINS to map from machine names to IP addresses

This article elucidates the details of DNS’s names, zones and
domains, name resolution, resource records, and WINS’s NetBIOS
names, name registration and resolution, nodes, and resolution

“Under Linux, the SMB file and print server package, Samba, can
be enabled to function as a WINS server. However, the ability to
automatically replicate the name database hasn’t been implemented,
so it’s currently impossible to implement primary and secondary
WINS servers.”

“Gerald Carter is a network manager at Auburn University in
Auburn, AL, where he is responsible for maintaining a melting pot
of PCs and their operating systems. One of the cochairs of LISA-NT
99, Jerry is also a member of the Samba team.”

The Name is the Game

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