LinuxWorld: Variety is the spyce of Python

“In my last article, I described a relative newcomer to the
Python server-side scripting solution category: spyce. Spyce is a
versatile means of integrating Python code into HTML and vice

“If you’re coming from a PHP background, you may not get the
results from spyce and Python that you have come to expect from
PHP. Whether this is a good or bad thing is something you’ll have
to decide for yourself, but you should be aware of these
differences before you start a spyce project.

“One obvious difference between spyce and PHP is in how each are
interpreted or compiled. This affects code that you may want to
keep in files to share among projects by including those files. The
interpretive nature of PHP tends to allow you to be more dynamic
with your methodology than spyce, although you can work around the
differences if you get used to the way spyce and Python


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