LinuxWorld: What do the CCA and MPAA really want?

“The DeCSS controversy: it’s not about free speech or the
freedom to reverse engineer, it’s about control over the
presentation of content. So start collecting allies and fight from
a position of strength….”

By getting off on a free speech tangent, people are
allowing the MPAA and CCA to divert attention away from the fact
that DeCSS is not really a matter of copy protection. The MPAA and
CCA are desperately trying to position this as a copy protection
argument. It is not….

“Anyway, that’s not what I think this is about. If I had to
guess what the MPAA and CCA are truly afraid of, I would wager that
they don’t want to risk losing control over how DVD content is
presented. Right now when you purchase and play a DVD, it can
already take over control of your DVD player. For example, I have
DVDs that will not allow me to skip past a number of movie previews
in order to begin playing the movie I purchased. Worse, there are
rumors that DVDs will one day “expire” after being used a set
number of times.”

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