LinuxWorld: Windows license opens door for Linux refund

“On February 15, 1999, computer users who didn’t want the
Microsoft operating system that came bundled with their notebook or
desktop computer will ask for a refund.”

“The first reported “known Windows refund” dates back to a
February, 1997 Usenet posting. In June, 1998, UCLA student David
Chun posted a report detailing his phone calls to a dozen leading
PC vendors asking whether he could buy a system without buying
Microsoft Windows. None could allow him to do so.

“The big noise, however, began early this week, in the wake of
two messages Dave Farber forwarded to his IP (Interesting People)
mailing list.”

“… people who have tried to return Microsoft Windows to their
vendors have found that the vendors say ‘We have an agreement with
Microsoft that prohibits this.”

“Signups at Jensen’s site [Windows Refund Center]
numbered about 80 the morning of Wednesday, January 20, and scaled
to over 500 by 5 p.m. Twenty-four hours later, there were over
1,750 names on the list.”

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