Listen to your Package Manager – It Knows what it is Talking About!

“Many people instinctively click through any popup window that
appears on their screen when they are trying to accomplish a task.
A good deal of these people do not even read the message that is
presented to them, they simply look for the Close/OK/Next/Yes
button so they can move on with what they are trying to do on their
computer. I am fairly certain this behavior has been ingrained into
the minds of the masses from having to deal with popup windows when
surfing the internet, popups are distracting and are almost never

“Almost never.

“There was an issue with one of the repositories that Bodhi uses
this week. Even thought we are based around Ubuntu 10.04, some of
the backporting the team does causes some core Ubuntu packages for
10.04 to no longer be compatible. Not a big deal, we roll our own
for these few packages.”

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