Live Tonight: The MS battles the DOJ; changes at Linuxcare and more on The Linux Show!!

[ Thanks to Jeff
for this announcement: ]

April 11th, 2000
Tonight LIVE on www.thelinuxshow.com

At 6pm pst, 7pm rmt, 8pm cst, 9pm east and 1am GMT

Kevin, Arne, Jeff, PJ and Doc Searls (of the Linux Journal) have
a show tonight on The Linux(r) Show!!

In Segment One- News: we will OF COURSE be covering MORE hot
news about Uncle Bill and Microsoft and their ongoing battle with
the DOJ & Judge Jackson. The management change at Linuxcare
will be on the plate as well. And more…..

In Segment Two- Lineo Buys Moreton Bay We will be talking with
our old friend Lyle Ball VP of Marketing at Lineo. We will
discuss how this acquisition shapes up for Lineo as a major step to
become the key player in Linux embedded systems.

Remember tune in at 6pm pst, 7pm rmt, 8pm cst, 9pm east and 1am
catch the Linux show at www.thelinuxshow.com